Mass. Bay Launches 2 New Brews

Mass. Bay Brewing Co., the parent company of Harpoon and UFO Beer, announced the launch of two new brews - Harpoon Juicer Hazy IPA and UFO Florida Citrus – to offer a sunshine state of mind all year long. Both new beers are available to consumers and on shelves starting today.

·         Harpoon Juicer Hazy IPA has fruity undertones and intense citrus aromas at 7.2% ABV. A unique brewing technique called “dip hopping” was used for this brew. The hops are steeped prior to fermentation to amplify the aroma without adding harsh bitterness. Available in 12oz can 6- and 12-packs, 19.2 oz can 12-packs, on draft and in Harpoon’s Summer Vacation Mix Pack

·         UFO Florida Citrus is crisp and refreshing at 5.3% ABV. It’s bursting with fresh and juicy orange flavor from real Florida oranges and offers a clean finish. Available in 12oz can 6- and 12-packs and on draft.

In honor of the launch, UFO is also giving away a trip to Miami as part of their UFO Florida Citrus Spring Break Giveaway. The giveaway, which is open from now through May 1st, will allow one lucky winner to bring a friend to Miami and fight off the winter blues this season.

“Fruity, citrusy beers have always been popular in the summer months, providing a refreshing break from the heat and sun. However, what we found is that our consumers are looking for those beers year-round. That’s why we’re so excited to provide two new beers all year long that offer the juicy taste of summer,” said Dan Kenary, CEO and co-founder of Mass. Bay Brewing Co.. “The Harpoon Juicer Hazy IPA and UFO Florida Citrus allowed us to really tap into our brewing expertise while providing what our consumers want. The Juicer Hazy IPA is brewed with a unique hopping process and the Florida Citrus includes real Florida oranges.”

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