Brion Wise Acquires Mark Herold Wines

Brion Wise, proprietor of Brion and B. Wise Vineyards, acquired Mark Herold Wines. Terms weren't disclosed.

Mark Herald has been consulting with B. Wise Vineyards and Brion for 13 years.  He will remain in charge of winemaking and be the principal of operations at the winery, Wise said, while Wise and his team will work to highlight the winery’s cult-collector label, Mastodon, a large format, Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon priced at $750 a bottle.

An additional focus will be the growth of Uproar, a more approachable Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon priced at $75 a bottle.

“This acquisition is a natural step in our relationship with Mark who has been a part of the BRION and B. Wise family for over a decade. Mastodon, along with the impressive lineup within the entire portfolio Mark has established, complements our own aim to produce world class single vineyard designate wines of terroir-driven authenticity. We look forward to continuing our wonderful partnership with Mark and growing this exquisite brand,” said Wise.

“I’m a scientist by education and an artist by nature,” says Herold. “My preference is walking the vineyards, working closely with growers, running the lab, and making wine. Over the years I’ve realized being behind a computer or in a sales meeting is not where my heart is.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Brion Wise for many years now and I have always admired his tenacity for the wine business. From vineyard to bottle, Brion is a crucial part of the winemaking process, and we share the same vision for the brand, so I believe he is the perfect person to pass the baton to. I will continue to be just as involved as I have always been by making the wines, working the vineyards, and traveling for events. Brion’s ability to anchor Mark Herold Wines with a home base, both winery and vineyards, is incredibly exciting!”

The Mark Herold Wines tasting room in Napa will remain open to the public. Guests are also invited to experience Herold’s style of winemaking at Brion and the B. Wise Loft at the Sleeping Lady Vineyard in Yountville, as well as in the B. Wise Tasting Lounge on Highway 12 in Kenwood.

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