UPS to Modify Delivery Trucks to Reduce Heat

One of the big issues in the negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters Union is reducing heat in the package delivery trucks.  Typically in the summer, in the package area, the temperature reaches 125 degrees and in Texas and Arizona it has been measured as high as 150.  

UPS said it agreed to two major steps to address driver heat issues.  First, all newly purchased small package delivery vehicles will be equipped with air conditioners starting Jan. 1, 2024. Where possible, new vehicles will be allocated to the hottest parts of the country first.

UPS will also install cab fans in package cars, and exhaust heat shields in cargo floor.  Exhaust heat shields minimize heat conduction from the powertrain into the floor of the vehicle. Preliminary tests show that these shields can reduce the floor temperature by up to 17 degrees F.  

While these actions are being taken to benefit the drivers, they should also benefit any alcoholic beverages in the package delivery trucks that are sensitive to heat.