[BND] Valentine's Day Wines We Were Pitched

Good Morning and Happy Monday, it's February 12, 2024.

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We received a few product pitches tied to Valentine's Day. They are below, along with some dinner suggestions, What We're Reading and how to kill good vibes on Valentine's Day.

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé (SRP $14.99) is a finely balanced sparkling wine produced from a secret blend of Italian grapes, with aromas of wild rose petals and citrus fruit. This perfectly pink bubbly is a great addition to any Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day dinner date – plus, it won’t break the bank!

J Vineyards Sparkling Brut Rosé (SRP $50) provides for a more elevated sparkling option this VDay, and with just one sip, customers will know why J is one of California’s leading sparkling wine producers. This refined and delicate Brut Rosé has mouthwatering citrus notes that all the gals (and guys!) will want. The ripe raspberries and almond aromatic characteristics pair wonderfully with chocolate covered strawberries.

J Vineyards Cuvee 20 (SRP $20) is created from the best cool-climate vineyard sites in the Russian River Valley. This sparkling wine contains notes of apple and gingersnap with a soft palate of lemon meringue pie flavors.

What We're Reading:

Easy Valentine’s Day dinners

Whether your Valentine is in the mood for shrimp pasta, filet mignon, chicken Alfredo or risotto, these romantic meals are a cinch to put together. (New York Times)

Champagne Laurent-Perrier U.S. President On Female Leadership And Valentine’s Day

“There are many documented benefits for companies with strong female leadership, such as more equitable hiring, increased innovation, and the ability to connect with a more diverse customer base,” stated Michelle DeFeo, President of Laurent Perrier U.S. The history of female leadership, innovation, and freshness seems to have paid off, because today Laurent-Perrier is traded on the Paris Stock Exchange. They closed their 2023 fiscal year at $332 million (€307.84 million) in revenues, according to Market Screener. (Liz Thach, Forbes)

10 Sure Valentine's Day Vibe Killers

Here are the top Valentine's Day Vibe Killers, according to a survey of more than 500,000 Australians by Open Table:

  • having an argument mid-date (42%), being rude to waitstaff (40%), a partner uttering their ex's name (32%), and feeling bloated and gassy from their meal (27%).
  • Hassles of the heart – Just over a fifth of Aussies (21%) say they find cost the most stressful when planning where to dine out while 12% are most stressed about finding the perfect restaurant.
  • Planning a romantic night out – While 23% of Aussies are considering dining at a restaurant that holds special memories, 29% are considering dining somewhere new that they've never been before and discovering new restaurants and flavours that tickle their taste buds.
  • Me, myself, and dining – 7% of Aussies are considering dining solo on February 14 as more people choose to celebrate Valentine's Day regardless of their relationship status. In 2023 on Valentine's Day, dining for one on OpenTable was up 56% compared to the year prior.

Have a great week and enjoy Valentine's Day. I be back with hard news about the alcohol beverage industry tomorrow. – Joel

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