10,000 Grape Varieties. But Just 33 Occupy 50% of All Vineyard Space

Out of the 10,000 grape varieties existing worldwide, a mere 33 commandeer 50% of global vineyard space. Now a new wine brand and subscription club, Vinalia, seeks to introduce wine enthusiasts to the remaining 9,967 varieties that languish in obscurity.

"Vinalia stands as a beacon of diversity, collaborating with small-scale producers across the globe, from Uruguay to Romania. Our focus extends to women and minority winegrowers, emerging economies, and champions of sustainability and biodiversity. Through these partnerships, we're nurturing and preserving a tapestry of grapes and cultures that have long been overshadowed," the company says.

"We are steadfast in our belief that each pour encapsulates a tale yearning to be shared. Our ardor lies in revealing these narratives, from the rich history of Slovenian winemaking to the innovative spirit of Armenian vineyards," it adds.

Bryce Wiatrak (Co-Founder and CEO) and Mary Collineau (Co-Founder and CMO), met at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Bryce brings over a decade of wine journalism experience, having been a staff writer at GuildSomm, a leading academic trade journal, contributor to Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, AFAR and others as well as a Master of Wine candidate.

Prior to Vinalia, Mary worked across various brand management roles within leading luxury wine brands and is a candidate for a WSET Diploma.

Today's consumers are driven less by bottle scores and more by what those bottles represent," says  Collineau. "At Vinalia, we are devoted to preserving heritage, embracing ingenuity, and defying conventions, casting aside the notion that extraordinary vintages are solely confined to the usual suspects. As we share these hidden gems and their accompanying tales, our aspiration isn't just to ignite a spirit of adventure but also to empower individuals to continue their personal exploration of the rich and diverse world we live in."

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