Vizzy Hard Seltzer Introduces New Summer Flavor

Vizzy Hard Seltzer is introducing a new summer flavor, Vizzy Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer and the debut of "Flavor For Every Vibe," a fresh advertising campaign "featuring bold, never-before-seen TV ads and a nationwide packaging glow-up."

"Our new campaign embodies everything drinkers love about Vizzy — we bring bold flavor for every vibe and turn up the volume, no matter the occasion," said Joy Ghosh, vp-above premium flavor at Molson Coors. "From the cool flavor and nostalgic vibe of Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer to our bold new ads and refreshed packs, this will be Vizzy's biggest summer yet."

The ads will show up on TV, OLV, out-of-home and radio following the television debut April 21 during the Professional Pickleball Association Tour's Newport Beach Double Shootout on CBS and a premium placement during the 2023 NFL Draft on April 29.

A packaging refresh highlights "the bold flavor and distinct vibe of each of the brand's vibrant, dual-flavor variety packs," the Molson Coors brand says.

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