Votto Vines in JV with PSP Imports

Votto Vines, the Connecticut-based importer, marketer and distributor of fine wines, said it entered a joint venture with PSP Imports.  The two firms have formed PSP Global Wines by combining sales forces and portfolios of PSP and Votto's boutique distribution company, Global Wines.  

The combined entity will be based in Massachusetts and will import and distribute wines and spirits from around the world, with an emphasis on Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

“We are thrilled about this opportunity. PSP is a first-class organization and combining their local infrastructure with our portfolio and team will result in a much stronger business for everyone involved,” comments CEO Michael Votto.

In another development, Votto added two sales manager.  Frank Battataglia was hired as vp-sales for the Midwest and Marvin John Tower joined as sales and marketing manager (tri-state).

And finally, Mike Votto was named an advisor to Better Rhodes for product selection and distribution.  Votto says the move will benefit Votto Wines in addition to Better Rhodes by expanding Votto's portfolio in the non-alcohol market.

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