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During a decades-long tenure at E. & J. Gallo Winery, Joseph E. Gallo calmly charted a course for the world’s largest wine producer.

‘There Are Opportunities Every Day, the Secret Is to See Them,’ says Joseph E. Gallo, Lifetime Achievement Honoree | Wine Enthusiast’s 2023 Wine Star Awards. (Forbes)

EPI Group’s Luxury Resurgence: Residence Eisenhower Beckons In Champagne

The EPI Group, known for fashion, bought Charles Heidsieck Champagne, Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, and Rare Champagne in 2011, and has since acquired other wineries, including the revered Italian producer Biondi Santi. At the time that Descours acquired Charles Heidsieck, it was something of a faded brand, its glory days behind it (Forbes)

Meet the Winemakers Shepherding In the Next Generation of California Wines

Several small producers have broken through the Pinot barrier.  (VinePair)

A Resy Founder Expands His Loyalty Program for Restaurants

Ben Leventhal says Blackbird will give many independent restaurants the means to identify and reward regulars for the first time. (New York Times)

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