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Wine Future: Alder Yarrow on how the wine industry can stay relevant 

Yarrow believes the sector has to find new, more innovative ways to do business in order to keep the wine audience it has and attract a new one. (The Buyer)

Sobriety Is In, and Nonalcoholic Beer Sales Are Soaring

New, better-tasting zero-alcohol beers are experiencing explosive growth as alcohol consumption by young adults declines. (Wall Street Journal)

Augusta winery investor puts one of its projects up for sale

Hoffmann Cos. announced in 2021 that his company would spend up to $150 million purchasing existing wineries, planting new vineyards, constructing a hotel and convention center, building a golf course and opening a five-star restaurant, among other things, all aimed at making Augusta, Ga., a rival to California’s famed Napa Valley. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Egyptian queen tomb discovery yields sealed jars of wine from 5,000 years ago, plus 'exciting information'

Queen was possibly the first female pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (Fox News)

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