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Azur Associates Wine M&A Summary | Q3 2023

Transaction focus continues to be weighted to high value unique assets. (Azur Associates)

How To Combat The Effort to Kill Off The American Wine Industry

Something must happen soon and the models for this effort are available. (Fermentation - Tom Wark)

Infinite Future — With More Alcohol Choices Than Ever, Young Drinkers Won’t Settle for Beverages of the Past

How much alcohol young legal drinking age adults (LDAs) consume today isn’t so far out of lockstep with prior generations. Whether measured by the percentage of people who say they drink or how much Gen Z adds to the total population’s volume of alcohol consumption, levels are consistent. What is vastly different, however, is what types of alcohol those young people are choosing and why. Most young drinkers today are getting their introduction to alcohol through spirits rather than beer. (Sightlines)

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