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More Sales and More Consolidation Ahead in US Wine Market

TWE spending $1 billion for Daou is a sign of the future, says Jeff Siegel. But there are likely to be more properties for sale than there are buyers. (Meininger's International)

In Georgia, wine's surprising birthplace, winemakers revive ancient grapes

At one time, the country reportedly had more than 1,400 indigenous grape varieties. Most were wiped out during the Soviet era, when quantity replaced diversity — of around 525 varieties of grapes, only four or five were commercially available. 

With winemaking being such a crucial part of the country's identity, the Georgian government decided to open research centers and vast vineyards in efforts to recultivate hundreds of grape varietals that many thought had been lost. (CBS News "60 Minutes")

The major factors driving up the prices of US wine

American consumers are experiencing sticker shock for domestic wines. How did US bottles get so expensive? (BBC)

There’s a Vicious (and Banal) Circle Behind Wine Collecting

Only wines from a handful of producers achieve the coveted blue-chip status. They are traded repeatedly, giving the impression that they are hardly ever being used for their intended purpose—drinking. This vicious circle drives the sales and spins around a small group of wineries, mainly from two French regions. (Wine Enthusiast)

The Impact of Weight-Loss Drugs on Wine Consumption

The impact is coming, but it may not be what is predicted. (Fermentation)

U.S. Whiskey Is ‘Collateral Damage’ in Trans-Atlantic Trade Fight

U.S. distillers stare down a 50% tax on shipments to Europe next year. (Wall Street Journal)

How family infighting rocked Korbel, the Bay Area's only champagne

Unlike the sleek, pricey tasting rooms that dominate Wine Country, Korbel is a step back in time — and although there’s no mention on the official tour, its walls hold the secrets of some of the most vitriolic family infighting of any business in the Bay Area. (SF Gate)

Israel's Wine During Wartime

The tragic conflict in Gaza came as a bolt from the blue for a wine industry that was mid-harvest.

Only 1 Vintage in 10 Years Has Made It to Market

An off-site vineyard and a bad freeze helped write the story of this Central Pennsylvania one-of-a-kind wine. (PennLive.Com/Patriot News)

Buy cheaper red wine to solve red wine headaches. Really?

The Washington Post recently published an article titled “Does red wine give you headaches? Buy a cheaper bottle, scientists say.” Really?

The story goes like this. A specific population of people gets headaches from drinking red wine. This is not a hangover due to excessive drinking. Rather, this is a headache that starts within minutes to a few hours after having a glass of red wine. (Sean Sullivan, Northwest Wine Report)

Bordeaux Wine Snobs Have a Point, According to This Computer Model

With machine learning, scientists are trying to chemically define the murky concept of terroir. The models might be useful for detecting wine fraud. (New York Times)

5 things you didn’t know about Miller High Life on its 120th anniversary

Miller High Life marks its 120th anniversary on Dec. 30. Molson Coors Beverages Co. attributes the success of Miller Brewing to the success of Hifh Life. (Beer & Beyond)

New York wine crisis: FBI raid top shop, $1,000 bottles found stashed in Times Square TGI Fridays

It’s been a rough year for people who spend big bucks on rare bottles and entrust them to New York City’s ritzy wine merchants for storing and proper aging. (New York Post)

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