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A New Page for New Liberty

n early 2021, New Liberty Distillery’s bottling capacity exploded overnight, going from the ability to fill 14 one-liter bottles in a minute to firing out 150 bottles in the same time frame. (Distiller)

The Logistics and Supply-Chain Slowdown Has Begun. Here’s How to Take Advantage.

Shipping prices have plunged after a pandemic surge, casting a cloud over peak season. Logistics leaders should take it slow as the industry recalibrates.  (Wall Street Journal)

Why California’s $46 Billion Wine Industry Is Better Prepared For Climate Change Than Some Of Its Competitors?

California’s $46 billion wine industry is certainly threatened by climate change, but it has more potential to adapt because it is not as tradition-bound as the famous wine regions of Europe. The California industry is also likely to benefit from its long term focus on sustainability. (Forbes)

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