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How a California premium winery quickly flipped its boomer-dominated consumer base to younger generations

Aly Wente, now vp-marketing and customer experience for Wente Vineyards's , learned about communicating wine to consumers who are new to premium wine while doing market research in the Midwest for Constellation Brands.

The team showed a focus group a brand with a wine score of 91. Ratings over 90 usually are deemed superior or recommended by various wine reviewers’ scales. “A woman put up her hand, and she said, ‘I think this is a Weight Watchers point,’” Wente said. “We live in a wine bubble. The consumer is not as educated as we think — and they don’t want to be. That creates a barrier for entry. This poor lady thought that if she was going to drink this bottle of wine she would overexceed her daily calories.” (North Bay Business Journal)

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