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Big Soda’s Alcohol Drinks Worry Health Experts

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola enter hard soda markets, causing concerns among regulators and researchers. (New York Times)

How Molson Coors tackles the cost and clutter of football marketing

Heavy activity around DraftKings and podcasts like Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” have helped the beer marketer connect with young fans of the sport.

Is It Possible To Make A Nonalcoholic ‘Grand Cru’ Quality Wine? This Winemaker Says Yes

Dry January has ended, but for many folks, whether Gen X moving into the moderation phase of life, or Gen Z, apparently already enlightened, nonalcoholic (NA) drinks remain a permanent fixture in their lives. NielsenIQ's data shows the market for nonalcoholic beer, wine and spirits grew more than 20% last year — and more than 120% over the last three years. The market now sees almost $400 million in annual sales. That growth is expected to continue. (Forbes)

Parched California Misses a Chance to Store More Rain Underground

Torrential rains could have helped to replenish depleted aquifers, but some say state bureaucracy, designed to distribute water fairly, has stood in the way. (New York Times).  Comment:  What a shame.  The more water that can be stored underground, the more will be available to communities downstream when water is scarce.

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