Bacardi 1st Spirits Partner of 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

This year's Video Music Award will focus on 50 years of Hip Hop culture and the songs, artists, albums and videos that have defined the genre. Bacardi rum is the first-ever spirits brand to sponsor the MTV Video Music Awards, a distinction that suits the brand, which has long taken inspiration from movement and self-expression, and supported artists through programs like Music Liberates Music. Through the partnership with MTV, Bacardi raises a toast to the impressive legacy of these culture-defining artists, their creativity, and their indelible contributions to music, style, and the way we all move.

As a vanguard of the visual identity of music, we're honored to be the first-ever Spirits Partner of the MTV VMAs, especially during the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop," said Lisa Pfenning, Bacardi's vp-North America. "As the VMAs have long celebrated both the sound and the style of Hip Hop, BACARDÍ has long been embedded in Hip Hop culture, inspiring some of the most memorable lyrics, movements, and music video moments from artists who have defined a generation. We look forward to working with MTV and Paramount Brand Studio to present this monumental celebration and highlight the multiple points of Hip Hop culture."

In addition to the awards celebration itself, Bacardi has several special events planned.

--BACARDÍ Vintage pop-up in New York City

--A Limited-Edition BACARDÍ x VMA bottle and Consumer Sweepstakes

--BACARDÍ Mojito Mo-Problems, the Official Cocktail of the VMAs

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