Why Consumers Dump Favored Brands

Why might a consumer leave your brand? At what point in their relationship with a brand? A just-released study from MBLM seeks to answer those questions.

The No. 1 reason consumers break up with their brands is that quality changed as did ownership. (Subway). This was also true of Facebook where seemingly failed to address mental health issues.

Many consumers broke up with brands before the three-month point was reached. The end to the relationship occurs quickly and is often rapid.

Declining quality stood out as the leading factor, followed by differing values. Disappointment was the most common emotion consumers felt leading up to the breakup.

But a majority of consumers say they think brands can still repair nd regain their interest. How? Improved quality, addressing concerns and improving reliability.

To create stronger relationships with customers, MBLM recommends companies understand the causes and outcomes of brand breakups. "A strong emotional foundation is your best defense," the report concludes.

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