Wine Origins Alliance Granted OIV Observer Status

Wine Origins Alliance said it has been granted observer status at the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). This announcement was made in conjunction with the OIV World Congress, which brings together scientists, scholars and wine producers from around the world to share knowledge and the latest findings regarding grape cultivation, production, characteristics and more.

“By becoming an observer, the Wine Origins Alliance provides new voices, from a regional perspective and from different corners of the world, that will complement our work to become even more universal,” said Pau Roca, Director General of OIV. “Together, we will be able to unify our efforts in the guidance of consumers and policy makers against fraud, giving value to the winemaking location.”

For nearly a century, OIV has been at the forefront of global wine issues and a leader in setting standards and harmonizing practices for the viticultural sector. Its 48 member countries represent 87 percent of global wine production and 71 percent of global wine consumption. As an observer, members of the Wine Origins Alliance – including those from countries not represented among OIV members – will be able to participate in meetings, exchange information and share their perspective on viticultural issues in a major international forum.