Wine Retailers Support USPS Shipping Equity Act

National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) said it "enthusiastically supports the recently introduced USPS Shipping Equity Act" which would allow the U.S. Postal Service to deliver alcohol beverages.

The USPS Shipping Equity Act (H.R 3721) not only brings additional competition to the logistics sector but also provides the U.S. Postal Service with sorely needed additional revenue. This bill accomplishes both by allowing the U.S. Postal Service to compete with other logistic companies and by providing shippers and consumers with additional shipping options.

Wine retailers across the country have long been responding to rising consumer demand for access to specialty wine and spirits often not available in their market by successfully shipping rare, hard-to-find, small production, and collectible products in a legal and compliant manner. With the addition of the U.S. Postal Service to the logistics companies servicing independent fine wine and spirits retailers, the response to consumer demand will be more efficient and more competitive, NAWR said.

“Previous attempts to pass this legislation have failed due in large part to scare tactics used by opponents of a competitive alcohol marketplace,” said Tom Wark, executive director of the NAWR. “Members of Congress should not be swayed by false claims concerning wine shipments getting into the hands of minors or that alcohol regulatory systems will be disrupted if the U.S.P.S delivers a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to wine lovers. The men and women of the USPS are responsible members of their communities and well-positioned to safely deliver packages containing wine and spirits just as they do other sensitive products.”

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