WineDirect Breaks Ground on New Fulfillment Center

The new 200,000 square foot, state-of-the-art fulfillment center, strategically located in Paso Robles.  It will replace a 30,000- square-foot facility, allowing WineDirect to serve more wineries and offer much-needed storage for wineries on the central coast.

“This expansion represents a step forward in our mission to provide all that wineries need to run a successful DTC business," said Joe Waechter, CEO. "While wineries provide incredible experiences for consumers, whether it be onsite in tasting rooms or online, WineDirect Fulfillment Services ensure that exceptional experience is extended right up to the point where the wine is unboxed. Our current facility in Paso Robles was too small to adequately service the growing wineries of Paso Robles so we are very excited to take this next step.”

The fulfillment center features advanced inventory management systems and innovative logistics technology designed to support WineDirect’s 99%+ order and inventory accuracy. Temperature and humidity controls and processes built to minimize handling, combined with easy-to-use weather hold tools and available premium services ensure that wine arrives in perfect condition. Furthermore, WineDirect remains dedicated to sustainability, with carbon-neutral shipping, energy-efficient practices, and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

WineDirect’s expansion in Paso Robles aligns perfectly with the company’s commitment to supporting growth within the wine industry. As a hub of innovation, Paso Robles offers a unique blend of tradition and forward-thinking, making it an ideal location for WineDirect’s newest location.

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