Woodford Reserve Intros Historic Barrel Entry

Woodford Reserve announces the winter 2022 Master’s Collection release - Historic Barrel Entry. The whiskey is a rich and darkly robust expression of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

For this Master’s Collection release, Master Distiller Emeritus Chris Morris called upon the rich history of Kentucky Bourbon and their own interests for inspiration. The product is available in select U.S. and global markets.  SRP: $129.99.

This 2022 Master’s Collection was made with newly-distilled whiskey that went into the barrel at 100 proof.

The barrel entry proof of “new make” plays an important role in the maturation process, and the standard for barrel entry proof has changed over the past two centuries.

The bourbon of the 19th Century had a barrel entry of 100 to 103 proof, and after the repeal of Prohibition, barrel entry proof levels began to increase. The present barrel entry proof standard that was set in 1962 is 125 proof.

"A lower entry proof seems counterintuitive when one thinks of getting more flavor from the new, charred barrel.  In fact, many of the barrel extractives we desire are more water soluble than they are alcohol,” Morris said.  “By having a lower entry proof (in other words more water in the barrel than the Woodford Reserve standard of 110 proof entry) will result in richer, sweet characteristics being absorbed from the barrel's famed red layer.”

Woodford Reserve Distillery introduced the Master’s Collection, a new era of innovation to the historic Kentucky bourbon industry, in 2004 with the first release of its Master’s Collection, “Four Grain."

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