1 in 3 Women Experience a Hangover After 1-2 Drinks

More than half of Americans drink more during the holiday season, with one in three women experiencing a hangover after just 1-2 drinks, versus 23% of men. Women are also 10 points more likely than men to feel the effects of a hangover after 3-4 drinks (33% vs. 23%).  That's according to a survey of 1,339 American consumers over age 21 conducted by Myrkl, a Swedish probiotics firm.

The effects are so impactful that ¼ of Americans would give up social media, 20% would give up caffeine, and 5% would give up their spouse to never have to experience another hangover, the survey says.

Myrkl (pronounced "miracle") is the first-ever product in history to demonstrate the breakdown of alcohol effectively in the gut, eliminating 70% before it reaches the liver and reducing common symptoms experienced after drinking alcohol.