1800 Tequila Aligns with 18 Tastemakers, Offers Sweeps

Tastemakers will include New York City jeweler, Greg Yuna, Dustin Yellen, Devin Brugman, and more to deliver taste in unexpected ways by participating in exclusive giveaways to their family, friends, and fanbase.

Chosen for their expertise in taste, giveaways will vary per each tastemaker’s preference but will include a bottle of 1800 Cristalino for all winners. As part of the larger series, fans of 1800 Tequila will have the opportunity to enter a drawing to win one of seven limited tequila sets during a premiere Live Stream featuring Greg Yuna on Monday, Dec. 19. at 3:30pm EST, exclusively on the NTWRK app

Each of the seven  limited-edition custom tequila sets include of one agave plant-inspired decanter,  one 1800 Tequila-inspired decanter charm,  two engraved glasses with an 1800 x Greg Yuna logo etched on the bottom, two metal coasters with an 1800 x Greg Yuna logo etched on the top, and a voucher to purchase 1800 Cristalino to be delivered straight to your door.

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