1924 Wines Launch Whiskey Barrel-Aged Wine

Delicato Family Wines announced the nationwide launch of 1924 Whiskey Barrel-Aged Red Blend, a new offering from 1924, the U.S.’s fastest-growing Premium spirits
barrel-aged wine brand. Delicato Family Wines is the U.S. sales growth leader in spirits barrel-aged wines, with year-to-date growth of 14.8% in dollar sales in the category.

The Indelicato family planted their first California vineyard in 1924, so the brand is a tribute to that as well as "the rebellious and daring spirit of the 1920s. The 1924 brand
has caught on with consumers nationwide, growing by an average of 34% each year3 since its launch."

The new 1924 Whiskey Barrel-Aged Red Blend joins the 1924 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon and Port Barrel-Aged Pinot Noir in the brand’s spirit-aged portfolio.

“The launch of our new Whiskey Barrel-Aged Red Blend builds on the continuing strength of consumer interest in the
spirit barrel-aged wine category,” noted Brett Johnson, 1924 portfolio director. “With the entire category almost quadrupling in sales to nearly $200 million over the past five years, spirits-barrel-aged wines have become an important segment that continues to find favor with consumers.”

With this launch, Delicato also introduces a unique bottle design that is a little squatter than the typical wine bottle and also features a handle for carrying. Johnson said the design ties back to the 1920s. SRP: $21.99.

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