Antica Terra Acquires Keeler Estate Vineyard

Antica Terra said it has acquired Keeler Estate, its first acquisition.  The two share a fence line in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA of Oregon's Willamette Valley.  Terms weren't disclosed.

Keeler Estate was founded as a certified biodynamic vineyard, and includes over 80 acres of native oak savannah sited on prime vineyard soil.

“When it came time to transact, it was important to us that the new caretaker of this place would hold the same values as us.” said Keeler Estate co-founder, Craig Keeler. “Our only call was to Maggie [Harrison] and Antica Terra. We were not interested in giving our property to a large company that might change direction from decades of work by planting wall-to-wall vines, eliminating poly-culture, or destroying the oak savannah. I believe that in this transition, our stewardship will be carried in the same manner - or improved upon - as we have done since we first broke ground.”

“We are honored to carry Craig and Gabrielle Keeler’s incredible legacy of work,” said Antica Terra winemaker, Maggie Harrison. “We have long been impressed with the level of care and devotion to the land evident in every corner of the estate. The rigor of biodynamic practice and their profound ecological respect have built a foundation we are endlessly grateful to be allowed to build upon.”

Maggie Harrison's War on Wine

New York Times Magazine had a fascinating profile of Antica Terra's Maggie Harrison.  It's well worth reading.

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