Absolut to Launch Vodka-Cranberry Cocktail in Partnership with Ocean Spray

Absolut Vodka and Ocean Spray are partnering to introduce the Absolut and Ocean Spray Vodka-Cranberry Range, a new Ready-to-Drink line with Ocean Spray building on the brands’ successful marketing partnership in the U.S., will be on retail shelves in early 2024,

The range will include a variety 8-Pack of four sparkling combinations, two 4-Packs and Single Cans.

“Ocean Spray’s cranberry heritage is bringing real juice credentials to the spirits category,” said Monisha Dabek, Chief Commercial Officer & General Manager, USA, at Ocean Spray. “We’re excited to bring to life a longstanding consumer favorite pour, Vodka + Cran, and are incredibly excited to collaborate with the Absolut and Pernod Ricard USA teams to delight consumers into the future.”

Absolut Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice have long been enjoyed together at bars and in homes across the country,” said Natalie Accari, VP-RTD & Convenience North America, Pernod Ricard USA. “We are very excited to be bringing this beloved classic cocktail to our consumers in a convenient new format.”

The brands have been working together on integrated programming, co-packaging, innovation, and new offerings that will start rolling out in exciting ways this summer for their likeminded consumers.

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