Pernod Ricard: Our Dealings with Russia Break No Rules or Embargoes

Pernod Ricard has acknowledged shipping some product to Russia.  But in doing so, it said, it violated no rules or embargoes.

"In fully complying with all international sanctions we significantly reduced the number and quantity of brands imported to a level that enabled us to protect our local teams, their livelihoods, and the welfare of their families," Pernod Ricard said, adding:

"This also meant reducing the quantities being sold to avoid ‘intentional bankruptcy’, which is a criminal offence in Russia and represents a significant risk for our employees.
In doing everything we can to manage the situation, the reality of exiting Russia is both complex and extremely challenging."

Pernod said that "from the very beginning we have utterly condemned the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

"We have stood and stand firmly with the people of Ukraine, contributing to the UNHCR and provided assistance to our 60 local team members, including direct financial assistance, psychological support, accommodation for some employees and their families, in neighbouring countries and employment outside Ukraine for those who required it," Pernod said.

Pernod also indicated that some of its competitors were also shipping into Russia and were in fact violating the rules.  At least one publication confirmed that statement.

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