Accolade Wines, James Harden Expand J-Harden Label with Prosecco

James Harden's involvement with J-Harden spans all elements of the grape-to-glass process, as he offers inputs on the taste, look, and feel to ensure each bottle best represents his personality. The Prosecco follows the brand's tradition of bold, colorful bottle designs, curated to complement Harden's iconic fashion style.  Harden is an NBA superstar.

"Like the J-Harden California Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend offerings, the Prosecco really distinguishes itself within the competitive landscape and disrupts the current Prosecco shelf lineup," said Enrique Morgan, managing director of the Americas at Accolade Wines. "Now more than ever, wine lovers are looking for brands that they can relate to and are culturally relevant. We are thrilled that our partnership with James celebrates a unique mission to make good wine accessible to everyone."

SRP: $16.99.  Available at Vivino now, at Total Wine beginning April 1.  Full retailer availability can be found at

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