Angry Orchard 'Solves' Unwanted Gift Problem

Anytime there's a gift exchange there's a good chance someone will get a gift they consider really disappointing.

Angry Orchard is offering those folks the opportunity to swap their unwanted gifts for $50 and a year's supply of new Angry Orchard Crisp Imperial Hard Cider.

"To be clear, we don't want your crappy gifts either," the brand says. But winning the sweepstakes should ease the pain of taking the unwanted gift to Goodwill. Simply share a photo of your unwanted gift on Instagram or Twitter using #AngrySwap and tagging @AngryOrchard for a chance to win $50 and a year's supply of new Crisp Imperial. The sweepstakes will be open from Nov. 29 to Dec. 20 and winners will be notified via direct message from the official @AngryOrchard social channels or by email.

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