Athletic Brewing Partners with Viral Internet Granny to Help Hosts Hack the Holidays

Athletic Brewing Co., the largest non-alcoholic brewery in America, is kicking off its 2023 holiday campaign by teaming up with the internet's favorite grandma, Barbara "Babs" Costello from Brunch with Babs, to bring fans her top tips for holiday hosting.

Costello, a 74-year-old social media sensation with millions of followers, regularly shares motherly advice, recipes, and other life hacks. Together with Athletic Brewing, she will help party planners nationwide throw better get-togethers this holiday season.

"I've planned my fair share of parties and know how stressful hosting can be — especially during the holidays," said Costello. "I'm thrilled to be working with Athletic Brewing to share some of my proven holiday hacks for pleasing all of your guests this season."

Throughout November and December, Costello will offer her do's and don'ts for hosting success — a recipe that includes stocking the fridge with Athletic Brewing's great-tasting non-alcoholic beers.

"Trying to figure out what to serve your guests during the holidays can feel like a bad hangover," said Rosalie Kennedy, Athletic Brewing's marketing director. "But Athletic knows that great hosts have great taste, and keeping our award-winning brews on ice will help you win over even the toughest critics — from your crazy cousins to your awkward aunts."

To make it even easier for entertainers, Athletic has also curated the perfect holiday playlist. Whether you're attending or hosting a party this season, set the mood and keep the vibes high with this soundtrack that is sure to satisfy.

In the spirit of helping hosts elevate their game, Athletic also launched a special Brew Time Bundle on November 8. The limited-edition bundle will cost $37.99 and include a 6-pack of Run Wild IPA, a set of four bamboo coasters emblazoned with the Athletic Brewing logo, and a custom candle featuring delicate scents of citrus and pine. The candle, which brings to mind a freshly cracked Run Wild IPA, appropriately sits in a stylish 5 oz. can glass donning Run Wild artwork.

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