Avaline Promotes Jennifer Purcell to CEO

Purcell joined the wine brand as CFO in May 2020 and was later named President in April 2022. She has been instrumental in driving Avaline’s growth, leading the brand to break into the top 150 wine brands across all price points, and top 25 in ultra-premium brands. Avaline is expected to close out 2023 over 65% compared to last year.

“It’s been an honor to lead this company as President over the last year and a half and I’m thrilled to take on the expanded responsibility of CEO,” says Purcell. “The key to our success is a strong focus on our consumer: engaging them with digital content, delivering relevant retail programming, and adding of their favorite varietals. Through this we’ve been able to drive rapid yet smart growth in our retail and digital business.

"In 2024 we’ll complement our strategy with a broader focus on on-premise and sponsorships; we have so many customers that are looking for Avaline already when they’re out at restaurants, hotels and events – this is a huge opportunity for us and our partners to capitalize on,” she said.

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