American Martial Artist Is First Celebrity Investor for Hiatus Tequila

As Hiatus Tequila approaches its 5-year anniversary, Kristopher DeSoto, founder of Hiatus Tequila, announced a partnership with Michael Chandler, the American martial artist. They believe will redefine what a celebrity partnership can look like in the spirits industry. Together, they aim to change the narrative by emphasizing authenticity, cultural respect, and uncompromised quality. 

"Hiatus Tequila partnered with Michael Chandler because Hiatus' brand values are reflected in Michael's personal and professional life; authenticity, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of perfection", said Desoto. "We're excited for the opportunity to connect to his audience and to introduce our brand to MMA-loving, tequila fans whom we've not yet encountered in our relatively short existence. Bringing an authentic spirit crafted with passion and integrity to Michael's fan base is of great significance for both of us."

DeSoto was careful to emphasize that Chandler isn't merely endorsing Hiatus; he's invested in the brand because of the commitment to crafting tequila the traditional way – with a deep respect for the culture, hard work, and dedication to authenticity and quality.

The duo will be in-market bringing liquid to lips, eager to meet tequila enthusiasts. They will be actively participating in samplings and bottle signings, appearances, giveaways, and meet-and-greets. SRP: $49.99 for the Blanco, $59.99 for Reposado, and $69.99 for Añejo per 750ml size.

It's available off-premise in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, California and with Nevada and Tennessee coming soon. The product is for purchase online and ships to 44 states

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