Baileys Celebrates Holidays by Popping Up at Markets Across the U.S.

Consumers near Chicago, Los Angeles or New York will be able to stop at the "Bailey Treat Bar" in a selected location to enjoy either Hot Chocolate or Hot Coffee. Both will be made with Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur.

"The holidays are a special time and Baileys has always been at the center of festive celebrations amongst loved ones," says Milly Shome, Director of Baileys & Liqueurs at Diageo. "We hope to spread a little holiday magic this year by making your celebrations even more delicious with Baileys Original Irish Cream, the must-have indulgence of the season".

Earlier this month, a new holiday campaign featuring Emmy-winning actress Hannah Waddinham was launched. It depicts a symphony of indulgence as Hannah "orchestrates" a fun festive celebration alongside UK singing group, The Gold Vocal Collective, building up to a crescendo of indulgence with a festive Baileys Hot Chocolate.

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