Beam Suntory Cuts Water Use 10%, Increases Shipped Volume

Beam Suntory released its 2022 Sustainability Report which  includes a 10% reduction in water usage rate across the company’s operations, an increase in shipped volume including on-pack nutritional data, and advancements in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).  

The report highlights progress across the company's three "Proof Positive pillars, including:

·         Nature Positive:

o   Reduced water usage rate by 10% across operations through continued investments including closed-loop cooling systems at the Clermont and Booker Noe distilleries in Kentucky.

o   Invested over $400 million to expand production at its Booker Noe distillery to increase capacity by 50% while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the same percentage.

o   Planted 197,000 trees, partnering at the local level to support reforestation efforts and further important research on wood for bourbon barrels.

·         Consumer Positive:

o   Added macro-nutritional information on the labels of nearly 300 stock keeping units (SKUs) in 2022, following voluntary commitment to disclose nutritional information on packaging.

o   8% of our shipped volume had on-pack nutrition data and symbols and words that warn against driving while intoxicated and underage consumption, in addition to the preexisting warning against drinking while pregnant.

·         Community Positive:

o   Confirmed as an Equal Pay Employer from the company’s second voluntary global pay equity study.

o   Increased female leadership, with nearly 37% of leadership positions globally being held by women.

o   Launched a supplier diversity program to create economic opportunities for diverse suppliers.