Nephew of Grey Goose Creator Offers Mega-Mansion for $34 Million

John Frank, the nephew of Grey Goose creator Sidney Frank, is offering his 17,878-squre-foot Greenwich, Conn., mansion on 19 acres for $33.8 million.

He built the house – a large central building flanked by two symmetrical wings and an underground garage that can hold 30 cars – with some of the proceeds of the sale of Grey Goose Vodka to Bacardi.  That sale was "closer to $3 billion" in 2004, he says.

Why's he selling?  A familiar reason,even to those of us who didn't invent a leading vodka brand – the kids are out of the house, and his primary residence is in Florida.

Read More: To learn more about John Frank's dream  house, its construction, and see photos, Bloomberg has a great article.  As does the Daily Mail, which also has 34 photos.  

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