Beer Consumption Falls on NFL Opening Weekend; Miller Lite Up 31% on Sunday

Beer consumption was down 8.3% from a year earlier for the NFL Opening Weekend , BeerBoard reports.  But Miller Lite, the Official Beer of the Dallas Cowboys, was up an astounding 31% compared to Opening Day 2022.

The 8.3% overall decline follows two consecutive years of growth (+21% in 2022 and +19% in 2021).  Opening Night itself didn't take as big a hit, easing only 3.3% compared to Opening Night in 2022.  

America’s most chosen style for the Opening
Weekend was Light Lager. This year, Michelob
clocked in as the top brand poured,
gaining +0.83% share points (+6.7%). Miller Lite (#2) was the biggest gainer overall, gaining +3.7 share points (+43% percent share gain). Coors Light was the #3 brand poured and stayed relatively flat year over year. On Opening Night (Thursday), Miller Lite was the No. 1 brand poured (up from No. 4 in 2022) and clocking in at 13.3% share of overall draft. IPAs
were up 7% on Opening Night, but flat overall for
the weekend.

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