Beer Imports Down 6.6% in Year

Some 2,827,182 barrels of beer were imported into the U.S. in January, down more than 200,000 from January 2022.

The country with the largest number of barrels exported to the U.S. remains Mexico.  But its 65.1 million barrels was down 12.6%.  Mexico was followed by the Netherlands (+31.1%); Ireland, 3.37 million barrels (+10.2%); Canada, 2.25 million barrels (+7%), and Germany, 1.4 million barrels (+82%).  

Nonalcoholic imports were just a sliver of regular beer imports, totalling 49,169 barrels, but that was a 63% increase in just one year, illustrating the growth of the nonalc market in the U.S.

Turning to exports, U.S. brewers exported 172,718 barrels in January, down 21.3% from from the 219, 373 exported in 2022.  But U.S. nonalcoholic beer exports rose 18.9% to 3,309 barrels from 2,783 barrels.