Beer Purchasers' Index Points to More Predictable Order Levels

The March National Beer Wholesalers Association's Beer Purchasers Index eased a bit, but NBWA said that was good news, signaled a continued shift towards a more predictable environment for the beer industry in 2023, NBWA said..

While the March BPI/ARI ratio of 50/51 represents a slight regression from February’s 54/46, a fully neutral (50/50) ratio can indicate more predictable ordering and inventory levels. Following several tumultuous and unpredictable years, a stable and balanced environment is welcome news for the beer industry.  Highlights:

  • The index for imports points to expanding volumes with a reading of 62, five points lower than the March 2022 reading of 67.
  • The craft index at 28 continues to signal segment contraction and is below the March 2022 reading of 47.
  • The premium lights index posted a reading of 47 which is slightly lower than the March 2022 reading of 51.
  • The premium regular segment index is at 37, which closely matches the March 2022 reading of 38.
  • The below premium segment reading at 53 is well above the March 2022 reading of 41 and continues a trend into expanding (above 50) territory.
  • The FMB/seltzer reading slide to 21 in March and which is significantly lower than the March 2022 reading of 42.
  • Finally, the cider segment posted a March reading at 31 compared to 36 in March 2022.

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