Blue Moon Sets Intro of Non-Al Belgian White

Blue Moon Brewing Co. plans to introduce a non-alcoholic version of its flagship beer later this year.

Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White, a Belgian-style Wheat Brew that comes as the non-alc segment continues to grow and consumers seek out more low- and no-alc options.

The new brew is poised to launch in six packs of 12-ounce cans in time for Dry January and will be the first non-alcoholic wheat brew from a major brewer in the market.

“Blue Moon changed the way we think about beer, and it’s doing it again, this time in the non-alc segment," says Jamie Wideman, wp-innovation for Molson Coors Beverage Co.

At under 0.5% alcohol by volume with 80 calories, Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White is light and refreshing, and brewed with the same Valencia orange peel that’s made its namesake the No. 1 craft beer in America. It will be available nationally.

The non-alc segment has taken off in recent years, growing more than 27% in the last year, according to Circana data. That surge has been driven, in part, by craft brands; the top three non-alc craft brands account for more than 80% of non-alc beer sales, Circana data show.

“Consumers know and trust Blue Moon, they enjoy consistent quality and a subtle citrus taste each time they reach for a Blue Moon Belgian White. We are so proud to deliver that same unique experience in the non-alcoholic version,” Wideman says. “As the No. 1 craft brand in the U.S., Blue Moon has an opportunity to deliver a non-alcoholic craft brew from a brand that drinkers trust.”

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