EPA Offers Tool to Help Distilleries Check Energy Performance

Environmental Protection Administration is offering U.S. and Canadian tools a handy tool to compare their energy efficiency to other distilleries with similar characteristics.

It can be used to help distilleries benchmark, improve their energy efficiency, and seek special Energy Star certification recognizing distilleries that are best in class for energy efficiency. The distilled spirits sector is the first in the beverage alcohol industry to have its own EPI and have the ability to apply for Energy Star certification of its U.S. and Canadian distilleries.

The EPI accounts for differences between plants that affect energy use and calculates a plant Energy Performance Score on a scale from 1 to 100, with a score of 100 reflecting the most efficient level of performance.

“Focusing on energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways distilleries can lower their carbon emissions and save money on utility costs,” said Danny Macri, ENERGY STAR sector lead for distilleries. “The ENERGY STAR score helps managers understand if it’s possible for their distillery to become more energy efficient and whether they are leaving any money on the table as a result of energy waste.”

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