BMO, bw166, Wine Business to Examine Changing Wine Industry

BMO, the eighth largest North American bank and a leading lending to U.S. wineries, said it formed the U.S. Wine Industry Partnership in collaboration with business intelligence firm WineBusiness and bw166, a top market research firm focused on the wine industry.

The U.S. Wine Industry Partnership will produce a comprehensive industry report based on a survey that will gather insights from thousands of wineries across the U.S. as well as expert analysis of business trends and developments driving the U.S. wine market. BMO’s U.S. Wine Industry Partnership will be a leading resource for insights to help wine businesses understand, anticipate, and adapt to changing consumer preferences and consumption habits.

In addition to the industry research, bw166 will contribute a wealth of current and historic data on U.S. wine production, consumption, sales, consumer demographics and more that will be bolstered by BMO’s industry leading expertise and position as the eighth largest bank in North America by assets.

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