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Good Morning. It's Saturday, November 11, 2023.

How 19 Crimes became ‘poster child’ for wine marketing

19 Crimes doesn’t follow the traditional wine marketing rulebook, choosing not to engage the critics or to do PR with the likes of the FT and The Times. It doesn’t have a presence at wine fairs, either. Instead, you’ll find it at the Craft Beer Festival and the London Coffee Festival, for example. “We show up places that wine shouldn’t be because that’s where our consumer is and where we get the biggest standout,” (The Drum)

Jancis Robinson Shares a Look Inside the Evolution of The Oxford Companion to Wine

As a new edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine launches, editor Jancis Robinson, MW, discusses the impact and evolution of this monumental resource, 30 years on. (SevenFifty Daily)

Consumers Are Missing From DtC Shipping Compliance

Telling consumers what the rules are. (WineBusiness)

Rudy Back in the Fake Wine Game

The world's most notorious wine counterfeiter is at it again – this time with his clients' blessings. (Wine-Searcher)

‘Consumers say they will buy sustainable, but price wins out every time’, says Hunter’s MD

Hunter’s MD Ed MacDonald tells db how the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc producer balances the scales between sustainability and price point with its new lightweight bottles. (Drinks Business)

Meet ‘The Godfather’ of Sonoma Wine Country

Phil Coturri is a legend in winemaker circles, with a roster of who’s-who clients willing to pay top dollar to share in his uncompromising vision of growing grapes.

A Visit with Lance Cutler at His Home

The Sonoma Valley Sun’s Anna Pier visited Lance Cutler at his home and small winery in the Springs to talk about his newest Jake Lorenzo book, and his career in winemaking and wine writing. 

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