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Good Morning and Happy Friday. It's November 10, 2023.

How Alcohol Offsets Effects of Caffeine

Everyone knows alcohol before bed results in poor quality sleep. And everyone also knows caffeine, such as coffee, results in a significant reduction in the amount of sleep one gets. But what happens when heavy consumption of alcohol and caffeine, such as in coffee, are common, as is the case

Group Promoting 'Just 1 Drink Causes Cancer' Stands Alone in Herbicide and Cancer Case

The same French-based group that is key to promoting the idea that any amount of alcohol poses a cancer risk has also been a key promoter of the idea that glyphosate – a key ingredient in RoundUp – is "probably carcinogenic." Based on IARC's statement, California adopted a regulation requiring products containing

On-Site Wine Tastings Key Issue in Small Wineries Suit Against Napa County

Lindsay Hoopes purchased the Hopper Creek Winery in Oakville in 2017. Nearly two decades previously, in 1999, Napa County had adopted an ordinance limiting the number and size of on-site tours and tastings and requiring wineries to have permits to do them. Wineries that were operating before the ordinance was

Foundry Distills Vodka to Support Nebraska Student Athletes

Foundry Distilling Co., a craft spirits distiller in West Des Moines, Iowa, will introduce a new vodka brand, Cornhead Vodka by 1890, with proceeds from purchases helping to support name-image-likeness initiatives for student athletes through 1890 Initiative LLC. Cornhead Vodka will be distributed by Quality Brands of Lincoln, a family-owned

23% of Customers Ask Bartenders for Recommendations on Every Visit

One in six U.S. On-Premise visitors are influenced by the bartender as to which bev/al category to order on-premise, the just-released CGA by NIQ Global Bartender Report finds. What’s more, the proportion of consumers who are open to bartender influence increases among specific drink categories. 23% of

Onehope Winery Passes $10 Million in Donations to Charities

Onehope, a Napa Valley winery founded with the mission to change the world by sharing wine and giving hope is pleased to announce surpassing ten million dollars in donations to more than 40,000 unique charities as part of the brand commitment that every bottle gives back. ONEHOPE's platform enables

Lost Spirits Intros American Rum from Okinawa Black Sugar

Lost Spirits Distillery, Inc., an internationally-acclaimed distillery, most known for its ground-breaking technology, world-class spirits, and immersive Las Vegas show experience, announces today the release of "Japonisme" Rum. "Japonisme" is a heavy-pot-still rum (often referred to as English style) fermented and distilled from 100% Kokuto sugar. Kokuto is a prized

Aberfeldy Marks 125 Years with 25 Year Old Expression

Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky has bottled a limited edition 25 Year Old expression in an exclusive collector's pack to mark 125 years of whisky making at its eponymous distillery. In celebration of this significant milestone, the brand known affectionately as "the golden dram" has also partnered with renowned jeweler

St-Germain and Nails

St~Germain Elderflower Liqueur partnered with luxury nail brand MiniLuxe on this year's chicest seasonal offering: The St~Germain x MiniLuxe Royale Gift Set. Each set includes a 375ml bottle of St~Germain and a custom pairing of MiniLuxe's non-toxic, cruelty-free Pure Polish inspired by the St~Germain's signature holiday

Jack Daniel's Provides Rides Home to Service Members for 13th Year

"Operation Ride Home" is a joint venture between the Jack Daniel Distillery and the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMA) that will enable more than 1,000 junior enlisted service members to travel home to see loved ones this holiday season. Nearly 13,000 people have traveled since the beginning of the

Molson Coors Plans for Blue Moon

Molson Coors Beverages Co.'s Blue Moon has a number of iterations – it's the No. 1 craft brand, the No. 1 light craft brand with Blue Moon LightSky (soon to be Blue Moon Light) and a new Blue Moon Non -Alcoholic. All of these will be tied together with new

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