Breakthru's Aspect Fine Wine Enters Missouri, Integrates Bacchus Importers

Breakthru Beverage Group said it will launch its Aspect Fine Wine unit in Missouri this month, adding associates and bolstering its portfolio in this newer market for the company. In the mid-Atlantic markets of Delaware, Maryland and Washington D.C., the company is enhancing its overall fine wine approach through the integration of Bacchus Importers. Breakthru acquired Bacchus in 2017 and recently combined the company’s extraordinary portfolio and team with Breakthru’s capabilities and scale to further deliver for suppliers and customers in this region.

Aspect represents the Breakthru’s most successful customer-facing luxury investment and is responsible for more than 48% increase in fine wine sales growth since its launch.

“In less than three years since we launched Aspect, we have consistently outperformed key category trends across our footprint resulting in exciting share gains for our partners,” said Daren Cliff, Breakthru Beverage Group Senior Director Aspect Fine Strategy.

The company has increased its Aspect team more than 75% since its launch in 2021, with further staffing investments expected in the coming months. All Aspect associates have advanced wine accreditations, many from organizations including the Wine & Spirits Accreditation Trust and the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Aspect is seeing double-digit revenue growth in key markets including Illinois, Florida and Arizona. The success is not simply based on the industry growth of luxury price points, but rather is the result of Breakthru’s strategic approach to engaging consumers and their partnerships with the top fine wine suppliers in the industry, the company said. As a result, Breakthru is outperforming industry sales across the Ultra-Premium, Luxury, Super-Luxury and Icon wine categories.

“We pride ourselves on being proactive and recognized the growing fine wine movement early on which enabled us to navigate the shifts between on-premise and retail extremely well and capitalize on that opportunity with Aspect,” said Adam Pizer, Breakthru Beverage Group VP Wine Business Development. “Our strategy has supported sustainable growth for our supplier partners, allowing us to continue investing for the future.”

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