Bud Light Launches Backyard Tour Concert Series

On the heels of Bud Light’s recently-announced “Easy to Summer” platform, part of the larger Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy campaign established at the Super Bowl, the brand is now making it easier than ever for 21+ fans to see their favorite rock and country artists live this summer for free with the Bud Light Backyard Tour. The Bud Light Backyard Tour is a national music tour that offers 21+ fans the chance to step into local venues for intimate sets and easy hangs with some of music’s biggest names this summer, including OneRepublic, Midland, Dashboard Confessional, and Bush.

“This summer, Bud Light is building upon its ‘Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy’ platform by showing just how easy it is to enjoy the summer season,” said Todd Allen, vp-marketing for Bud Light. “We know summer concert experiences can sometimes be hard to enjoy between scoring coveted tickets and navigating large venues, which is why we are proud to introduce the Bud Light Backyard Tour, a summer tour that is easy to enjoy by bringing top artists and the best parts of the live music experience directly to local venues featuring intimate, backyard vibes across the country.”

Fans can catch their favorite artists, along with openers like Dee Jay Silver, Tyler Braden and Lindsay Ell, on the Bud Light Backyard Tour. To enter for a chance to win tickets to the tour, fans can visit BudLightBackyard.com.

The Bud Light Backyard Tour builds on the brand’s long history of bringing fans closer to the music and artists they love with previous activations like the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour and Bud Light Seltzer Sessions bringing performances of top acts to intimate settings.

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