Broken Barrel Intros Black Hjerte Rye Whiskey

Black Hjerte is a limited-edition blended rye whiskey finished using two types of coffee liqueur barrel staves. The new expression is the company's second collaboration -- this time with Laurel Canyon Spirits, which produces Black Hjerte French-pressed coffee liqueur.

The blend features both Kentucky Straight Rye and Kentucky-distilled Light Whiskey, offering "a truly exceptional tasting experience," Broken Barrel says. The Oak Bill or combination of various barrel staves used during the finishing process, combines Barrel Aged Black Hjerte Coffee Liqueur staves (66%) and limited-edition Blood Orange Coffee Liqueur barrel staves (33%).Both are based on Laurel Canyon Spirits’ original recipe French pressed coffee liqueur.

As soon as the golden amber spirit hits the glass, the aromas conjure an alluring blend ofroasted coffee, vanilla, buttercream, and charred oak. On the palate, the whiskey is asymphony of flavors that begin sweet, with caramelized sugar and orange zest notes,intertwined with rich and mildly bitter coffee notes. The result is a beautifully balancedfusion of coffee liqueur and whiskey, where the spirit's underlying grain and vanilla tones gracefully share the spotlight with the coffee's deep, earthy complexity. The finish is velvety and enduring, with a lingering and warming citrus sweetness from

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