Captain Morgan, Victor Cruz to Host 'One of a Kind' House Party Sweeps

The event, on Friday, November 17 in New York City is continuation of the brand’s season-long Follow the Captain campaign.

The party will feature the foods he loves, the music he can’t live without, and of course his favorite rum cocktails. Not to mention an epic lineup of performances from today’s hottest rappers, Aminé and Smino - it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

For a chance to end up on the guest list, fans can head over to –  plus,  @CaptainMorganUSA will be dropping clues on how to score VIP access leading up to the event. But that’s not all – consumers 21+ can unlock a treasure trove of exclusive NFL adventures, performances, and prizes by following the campaign’s real-world and social media scavenger hunt for hidden QR codes and hints throughout the remainder of the season.

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