Broken Shed Launches New Vodka From a Different World Campaign

"Our 'Vodka from a Different World' campaign invites consumers on a journey to the awe-inspiring environment of New Zealand, a place that is celebrated for doing things differently - including how Broken Shed makes our award-winning vodka using only three ingredients, two of them water," said Jean-Marie Heins, chief marketing officer of Broken Shed Vodka. "This campaign is designed to entice vodka enthusiasts to discover how vodka made differently can be and quench their thirst for discovery. It's a testament to Broken Shed Vodka's commitment to delivering a premium, pure and natural product with incredible taste."

This captivating campaign seeks to immerse consumers in a different world - revealing the breathtaking and visually stunning landscapes of New Zealand's South Island with images of Lake Hawea, an outdoor adventurer's paradise located outside of Wanaka, where Broken Shed was born. The campaign also showcases the unique wildlife you can only find in New Zealand, including the Tuatara (no, it's not a lizard - it's the last surviving species of reptiles that thrived in the age of the dinosaurs - as ancient as the aquifers where Broken Shed sources its water from).

Broken Shed Vodka is currently available in 30 U.S. markets and plans to expand its footprint nationally in the USA in the coming months through its recently announced national distribution agreement with Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits.  

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