Busch Light Sets 3d Annual Release of Corn Cans

The limited-edition cans honor and celebrate America’s farmers who work tirelessly to grow food for our communities, while raising awareness and funds for Busch Light’s long-time partner Farm Rescue, a nonprofit organization that provides critical aid to family farms in crisis.  Busch Light has partnered with Farm Rescue since 2019.

For each case of Corn Cans sold during the limited run, Busch Light will donate $0.25 to Farm Rescue, up to $200,000*. As a long-time partner of the non-profit, Busch Light said it is honored to play a role in raising awareness and funding for Farm Rescue so it can continue to be there for farmers when they need it most.

Busch Light is proud to support the U.S. agricultural community and when it comes specifically to corn, a critical ingredient in a cold and smooth Busch Light, the brand is honored to have long standing relationships with grower partners and suppliers in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Indiana, Tennessee and Kansas.

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