Captain Morgan Invites NFL Fans to 'Follow the Captain' Through the NFL Season

Captain Morgan, the official spiced rum sponsor of the National Foodball League, will release a series of clues the could result in fans 21+ winning NFL prizes and experiences.

Among the prizes and experiences: unforgettable performances from today's hottest artists like Bebe Rexha or Aminé, an epic watch party in Arlington, Texas, or a once in a lifetime trip to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

Whether at the bar, on your phone, or yes, even in an ad, fans can find hidden clues and QR codes in the real world and across social media – from the coaster at your favorite bar to signs at local liquor stores and football stadiums, you never know what could be around the corner. Spot one? Scan the QR code to uncover the hidden clue and "run, don't walk to to unlock the adventure that awaits," Nosko says.

The multi-layered campaign will include new TV creative starring pop icon Bebe Rexha, rap sensation Aminé and Super Bowl Champion Victor Cruz who will point out hidden clues for fans 21+ to unlock adventure anywhere they see the Captain. The 15-second spot will air on September 24 and continue throughout the season during some of the biggest NFL matchups.

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