Champagne Telmont Successfully Tests Lightest Champagne Bottle

Champagne Telmont said it and French glassmaker Verallia have successfully completed testing  the lightest champagne bottle at a record weight of just 800 grams, following their announcement of the experiment last spring.

The new champagne bottle is 35 grams lighter than today’s standard champagne bottles while still retaining the bottle’s mechanical resistance to gas pressure. The test phase was carried out by Telmont this past year and was highly conclusive, with Telmont expanding their production for a first batch of 30,000 of these 800-gram bottles. The brand’s certified organic cuvée, Réserve de la Terre, will be the first to benefit from this innovation and will become available for purchase in 2026.

The generalization of the 800-gram champagne bottle would drastically reduce the carbon emissions of the champagne industry. For Telmont specifically, the glass used for bottles is a main source of carbon emissions, representing about 24% of their total emissions. In addition to these lighter bottles generating around 4% less CO2 per bottle produced, the ultra-light-weight bottles require less fuel for transport, upstream and downstream, ensuring additional energy savings and environmental benefits.

This is just the latest innovation as part of the brand’s “In the Name of Mother Nature” project, which has a goal of being Climate Positive by 2030, and Net Positive by 2050 and is supported by the brand’s investor and environmental advocate, Leonardo DiCaprio.